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Sainik School Exam Pattern 2024 : All India entrance exam offers admissions in more than 30 sainik schools across india. Student who are ready to apply for sainik school entrance exam must know about AISSEE 2023-24 exam pattern and paper design which can help student to prepare well for the AISSEE exam.

The sainik exam authority follows the exam pattern to create the final school preparation paper. These schools are considered as a most prestigious schools of all time, they provide career counselling as per interest and also provide board facilities.

Subject Wise Preparation Tips For Sainik School Entrance Exam

AISSEE Syllabus 

Before applying student should know about the sainik school entrance exam (AISSEE) syllabus and pattern, which will help them to know more about all the units and topics. For class 6th and 9th, it is a different syllabus. 

Syllabus for class 6th contains the subjects such as – Mathematics, General knowledge, Language and Intelligence. Let’s talk about Few topics about each subject wisely.

Sainik School Exam Pattern 2024 Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject which contains 50 percent coverage for AISSEE exam, Students should focus on concept like geometry, algebra, arithmetic and mensuration. It is important for students to solve mock test and practice regularly.

Now let’s know about mathematic syllabus:

  1. Natural Numbers
  2. Arranging of Fractions
  3. Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  4. Operation on Numbers
  5. Lines and Angels
  6. Simple Interest
  7. Area Perimeters
  8. Average 
  9. Profit and Loss
  10. Unitary Method
  11. Simplifications
  12. LCM and HCM
  13. Circle
  14. Speed and Time
  15. Plane Figures

Sainik School Entrance Exam Eligibility Criteria 2024


The syllabus for class 6th for AISSEE contains:

  1. Classification
  2. Reasoning
  3. Visual
  4. Logical
  5. Pattern like (Spatial and mathematics)
  6. Analogies (Mathematics and verbal)

Language (Hindi and English)

It is a very tough subject for students to understand the vocabulary, it requires regular practice to improve grammar, sentences formats, good writing skills. 

Few topics for English Syllabus:

  1. Sentence formation
  2. Comprehension passage
  3. Types of sentences 
  4. Antonyms
  5. Article
  6. Synonyms
  7. Vocabulary
  8. Tense Form
  9. Kind of Pronouns
  10. Correct Spelling
  11. Interjection
  12. Confusion words
  13. Question Tags
  14. Collective Nouns
  15. Singular/plural 

Sainik School Entrance Exam Syllabus 2024

General Knowledge

Syllabus for general knowledge for class 6th

  1. Different types of scientific device used in daily life
  2. Icons and Symbols of India
  3. Sports and Games
  4. Renowned Personalities
  5. Major religions and India
  6. Food and Culture 
  7. Relationship between animals and human being
  8. Taste and Digestion
  9. Cooking and Preserving Techniques
  10. Water pollution and microbial diseases
  11. Shape of earth and gravitations
  12. Concepts on mountains terrain and lifestyle
  13. Historical Monuments
  14. Life of Farmers and tribal communities, Forest produce.

If we talk about syllabus for class 9th, It has subjects like Mathematics, General Knowledge, Intelligence and Social Studies. Student must know about the details about the exam syllabus and pattern which can help student to gain more information.

Here are few topics of subject for class 9th


  1. Linear equation in one variable 
  2. Direct and inverse proportions
  3. Square and Square Roots 
  4. Comparing quantities
  5. Parallel Lines
  6. Exponents and Powers
  7. Simple and compound interest
  8. Playing and Numbers 
  9. Time and work
  10. Visualising Solid Shapes 
  11. Area and perimeter of Circle
  12. Triangles (Pythagoras theorem)
  13. Algebraic Expression
  14. Divisibility Exam


  1. Sentence Improvement 
  2. Comprehension Passage
  3. Change of sentence 
  4. Antonyms 
  5. Sentence formation
  6. Types of Sentences 
  7. Confusing Words
  8. Personal Pronoun
  9. Order of words in a sentence 
  10. Change in Gender 
  11. Idioms and phrases and changes of number

 General Science

  1. Fossil fuel: Coal and Petroleum
  2. Combustion and flame
  3. Some natural phenomenon
  4. Metals and Non metals
  5. Changes during Puberty
  6. Pollution of air and water
  7. Endocrine glands and hormones and Global warming 

Social Studies

  1. Law and Social Justice
  2. Judiciary and Criminal Justice system
  3. Marginalisation
  4. Freedom Fighters
  5. Social and caste reforms
  6. Importance of parliament
  7. Types of agriculture
  8. Role of government in health
  9. Delhi sultanate
  10. Mughals, bhakti and sufi movement
  11. Interior of earth
  12. Public facilitates

Sainik School Exam Pattern

Preparation for any exam is task for every student, it is a big step for students. For students it is mandatory for students to know about the exam pattern and criteria to know better about exam accordingly. Subjects like mathematics, students should practice test and revise in regular process. These schools have strict policies and tough training method, so accordingly students should plan and perform. The examination designed in the form of physical fitness capabilities, leadership quality. The duration of the sainik school entrance exam is 150 minutes for calss 6th and 180 minutes for class 9th.

6th exam pattern

If we talk about the exam pattern of AISSEE 2024, There are four subjects lets discuss about each subject. If we talk about mathematics, it contains total 50 questions, marks for each question carries 3 marks which is total 150 marks. General knowledge contains total 25 Total question of 2 marks each which is 50 marks . Language (English and Hindi) has 25 questions and each question carries 2 marks each that is 50 marks total . Last but not the least Intelligence has 25 questions, each carries 2 marks each this will be 50 marks and the total marks contains for subject are 300.

9th exam pattern

For class 9th, the exam pattern for 5 subject , Now let’s get into each subjects. Mathematics subject has 50 question 4 marks each which consists of total 400 marks. English contains 25 question 2 marks each and the total marks will be 50, General science will have 25 question 2 marks each, it contains 50 marks. Intelligence subject has 25 marks each of 2 marks and total will be 50 marks. Social studies question will contain 25 marks each of 2 marks and total marks will be 50, So the total paper contains of 400 marks. 

Important Note

There will no negative marking for any unanswered question or any wrong answers. Sainik school entrance exam are objective types (OMR Based) for all the questions. 

In this article, we have mentioned the exam pattern and the syllabus for sainik school entrance for 6th and 9th class, we have given all the details regarding to each subject which can help students to know better about each subject and exam pattern. Sainik exam is not easy it has value to add on. Students should be guided for each subject to do better in exams, for good result it is also important to have a focused mind set. Sainik school exam have subjects like mathematics, GK, Social studies, Language , General knowledge and Intellgience. Students should focus on each subjects for good results. 

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